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The Kiger Mustangs were found roaming the Kiger Gorge of the Steen's Mountains near Burns, Oregon. These horses were trapped and unknown to man for many years. We have since been able to bring these herds in through the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to vaccinate the animals, care for any injuries, and also sell some of the herd. The BLM then returns the remaining horses to the wild so as not to endanger this beautiful, graceful creature. These horses continue to flourish, breed, and live free in the Steen's Mountains. Through DNA testing, we know that these horses bloodlines trace back to the Spanish horses brought over by the early explorers of America.

Kiger Stallion "Stormy"We were fortunate to go on a round up and watch these wild horses in captivity. They are amazing creatures. We have since bought some Kiger Mustangs and brought them to our ranch in Central California. We have owned our Mustangs for about ten years now and wouldn't trade them for any other breed out there. We love our horses, and even though the word "Mustang" usually is connected with wild and unruly, this is not true of our Kiger Mustangs. They are gentle, kind and love people. 

Out Stallions Taurus Moon and Stormy
Kiger Stallion "Taurus Moon"We breed our two Kiger Stallions with our 4 brood mares. "Taurus Moon" is our 14 year old son of "Steen's Kiger" and a half brother to "Donner" (the horse Dreamworks purchased to create their new movie "Spirit"). We have had him since he was 8 months old and he is as gentle as they come. Taurus loves to show off by running and kicking up his heals. What a sight that is to see. We also have an 8 year old Grulla stallion, "Stormy," who is ready for stud service. Click on their photos to see more pictures.

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